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Whether you want to look good for your wedding or a holiday, or simply struggle to find the time or the energy to go to the gym, working with a personal trainer is the ideal way to shape up and keep fit. Especially when that trainer is Sho.



· Work out at a time and place that suits you.

· Tailor made exercise programs to get the results you want.

· Help with building the discipline needed to be consistent with

   your workout regimen.

· Motivation and inspiration so you can achieve the fitness level

  you desire.



·         A general open area in your own home and/or yard can be a perfectly suitable for your training. 

·         Various parks throughout the Chicago and the surrounding area can be utilized as well.

·         Taylor Park is a Chicago Park District facility where the majority of ShoMO Fitness programs take place.

·         Training can also take place at ShoMO's home studio.







Sessions can be paid in by check, money order, cash, or conveniently through PayPal. You can pay your sessions all at once or in installments (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). All sessions have a 24 hour cancellation policy, unless previously negotiated. Sessions cancelled without a 24 hour notice are charged full price.


Full Sessions (50-60min)

One Session Appointment

Four Session Package

Eight Session Package

Sixteen Session Package

Twenty Session Package 


$80 per session

$75 per session

$70 per session

$65 per session

$60 per session


Half Sessions (20-30min)

One Session Appointment

Eight Session Package

Sixteen Session Package



$55 per session

$45 per session

$40 per session


Partner Sessions (50-60min)

Ten Session Package

Twenty Session Package



$85 per session

$75 per session


In Home Training Sessions

The rates for “In-Home” training sessions will vary dependent upon your location. We provide in-home training in the Chicago-land area. The training rates are the same as the packages listed above with the extra cost of travel time and gas expenses added. (Generally $10 - $20 adt'l PER SESSION.) 



Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for family or friends are available for ALL ShoMO Fitness programs in denominations of $25. Purchase a gift certificate and make someone health and fitness happy.